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What ıs Meta Busıness?

Metabusiness is a virtual trade universe project that aims to eliminate the existing problems of finance, trade and logistics networks and to annihilate the physical load of these networks with web 3.0 and blockchain infrastructure. The Metabusiness world offers you a fast and uninterrupted commercial communication and financial order center using blockchain and web 3.0 technologies.

MEFI Economy

MEFI Economy; It is a set of programs that aim to preserve the values of $MEFI token and Meta Business offices and to increase their value continuously. It is aimed to continue to increase the demand for MEFI token price value and Meta Business office with new financial activities published regularly here. Financial stability will be procured in products. Returns can be earned income through MEFI token reward systems, economic activities, and cloud mining.

What ıs $MEFI Token?

$MEFI Token is deflationary and v8 production. When $MEFI Token holders perform a buy or sale, a tax deduction occurs at the following rates. There’ll be a 3% tax deduction. 1% of this deduction is moved to the tool wallet. 20% of the tool wallet enters a luckydraw with the MEFI DEAL reward distribution system every 90 days. All holders carrying xxxx amount of MEFI tokens are participating in this luckydraw. The 30 winning wallets in the luckydraw are evenly distributed to 20% of the team wallet of $MEFI tokens. 1% of the tax deduction is distributed to all holders with the correct correlation to the MEFI token ratio in their wallets. 1% of the tax deduction is automatically burned so that it is never reached again.

Contract: 0x6A06d3fDD17bc335fa076F544794879E22aAd4B2

Decimals: 9

Total Supply: 100 000 000 000

Slippage: %3


Are you ready for your busıness lıfe ın the ınfınıte unıverse?



Onur Erkan YILDIZ

Founder and CEO


Global Manager

İbrahim Kaya

Marketing Manager

ATT Süleyman TORUN

Blockchain Legal Advisor

Beytullah AYDIN

Game Developer

Mehmet Ali GÜNGÖR

Block Chain Engineer

Our Team

Matthew Jones

Game Developer

Josh Williams

Blockchain Legal Advisor

Avadh Khatri

Marketing Manager

Bagheera Deshpande

Blockchain Legal Advisor

Mahendran Kapoor

Game Developer

Brayton Cliff

Block Chain Engineer

Luciana Lopez

Block Chain Engineer

Jagannath Mukherjee

Blockchain Legal Advisor

Helen Lechner

Marketing Manager

Michael Perez

Blockchain Legal Advisor

Olivia Davis

Game Developer

Ashley Harris

Block Chain Engineer

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