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MEFI Economy; It is a set of programs that aim to preserve the values of MEFI tokens and Meta Business offices and to increase their value continuously. It is aimed to continue to increase the demand for MEFI token price value and Meta Business office with new financial activities published regularly here. Financial stability will be procured in products. Returns can be earned income through MEFI token reward systems, economic activities, and cloud mining.


When MEFI token holders complete a sale, a tax is cut at below rates.

  • 3% tax is cut.
  • + 1% of this tax is transferred to the team wallet. Every 90 days, 20% of the wallet is entered into the lottery with the MEFI DEAL prize distribution system. All holders having XXXX amount of MEFI tokens will be entered into this lottery. 20% of the team wallet MEFI tokens will be equally distributed among the 30 winning wallets in the lottery.
  • + 1% of the tax is distributed to all holders with the correct correlation to the MEFI token ratio in their wallets.
  • + 1% of the tax is automatically deleted and cannot be had again.


MEFI DPrize Distribution System:

Anyone who buys a MEFI token is free to sell it if they earn enough returns. This cannot be prevented. However, special systems are developed for MEFI token holders. MEFI token holders will be rewarded on an ongoing basis.


Once in 90 days, the MEFI token grand prize distribution system is activated. According to this project, which we call MEFI DEAL, every wallet with XXXX amount or more of MEFI tokens attends a lottery once every 90 days. The 1% cut from MEFI token sales is transferred to the team wallet and remains there. Half of this amount is used in project development work. The remaining half is distributed equally to 30 wallets through the MEFI DEAL prize distribution system, which is drawn every 90 days between those who carry XXXX amount and more MEFI tokens. The draw is made transparently and shared in the MEFI Economy section.

MEFI Deploy:

MEFI Deploy is a cloud-mining system. MEFI Deploy programs are announced at regular intervals and give its investors profits at an expounded rate at specified periods. Programs have a proportional gain range. A profit within the limits is earned at the end of each program. Earnings are automatically transferred to the wallet address specified when attending the program. With the MEFI Deploy system, which is a marvel of financial engineering, you can both have MEFI Tokens and gain passive income.

Important Information About MEFI Deploy;

  • +Each new program collects active requests for 3 days or until the program quota is full. You can attend the programs during this period.
  • +Guarantees, earnings limits and periods vary for each program. All information about them is given descriptively in the program details.
  • +Once the program has exactly started, it cannot be cancelled until the program ends.
  • +Within one week from the day the program ends, your profits will be transferred to the wallets you specified.
  • +There is no limit to attending the programs.
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